Pediatric Urgent Care for your loved ones

Pediatric Urgent Care

Our Emergency Commitment To You

  1. Our staff are trained and capable of stabilizing for transport any pediatric emergency.
  2. We have the appropriate code cart with the equipment needed for any emergency.
  3. Our physicians have the training, experience and skills needed to provide pediatric advanced life support.
  4. Pediatric Urgent Care has prearranged triage, transfer and transportation agreements with the leading pediatric hospitals in Portland.
  5. Immediate phone notification of primary care physicians when emergency hospital transfer is taking place (after stabilizing the patient) and full EMR documentation to the primary care physician within 24 hours and sooner if needed.
  6. We have an internal quality improvement program that includes mock (practice) emergency drills at least quarterly.


  1. Notify us of any concerns in the care your patients receive
  2. Provide Pediatric Urgent Care all pertinent clinical information about your patient if we are experiencing an emergency and contact you or when you refer to us.
NOTICE: We are not an emergency facility, but wish to assure physicians and patients that in the event of an unexpected emergency that we are prepared and able to provide expert and appropriate care.


We are located at
11790 SW Barnes Road, Suite 140
Portland, OR 97225



6pm-9pm M-F

1pm-5pm Saturdays and Some Holidays
(Please see our list of closed holidays on the home page)