Pediatric Urgent Care for your loved ones

Common Problems We Treat At

Pediatric Urgent Care

Flu Joint Pain Wheezing
Fever Rashes Gastroenteritis
Coughs Jaundice Dehydration
Vomiting Skin Infections Minor Cuts/Lacerations
Diarrhea Ear Infections Minor Sprains
Headache Eye Infections Urinary Tract Infections
Sore Throat Throat Pain (Strep, Mono, etc) Sinus Infections
Ear Pain Pneumonia Hundreds More Left Off
Chest Pain Bronchiolitis   For Space Reasons
Abdominal Pain Asthma  
School/ Sports/ Camp Physicals (full well child physicals should be done by your primary care physician)

Rare Things That We Treat At Pediatric Urgent Care

  Bugs and Beads in Noses and Ears!  
  Families of 12, all with the Flu!  
  Totally Normal Children With Anxious Parents  

6pm-9pm M-F

1pm-5pm Saturdays and Some Holidays
(Please see our list of closed holidays on the home page)