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Pediatric Urgent Care

Frequently Asked Questions

  Will my child be seen by a pediatrician?  
    A   Yes. All children are seen by a board-certified or board-eligible pediatrician.
  Q   Do I need an appointment?  
    A   No. Pediatric Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic. You will generally be seen in the order of your arrival; however we triage so that the sickest children (those with trouble breathing or not very responsive), can be seen immediately. You can call (503) 597-KIDS to find out how long the wait is. Most children are seen within 15 – 30 minutes.  
  Q   Do you have x-rays?  
    A   Not at this time. Patients who need x –rays will be referred to the appropriate facility for x-rays.  
  Q   What labs can be done at Pediatric Urgent Care?  
    A   CBC, urine dip and microscope UA, blood glucose, rapid strep, mono,flu, RSV and pregnancy tests  
  Q   Can we be seen at Pediatric Urgent Care during usual daytime office hours?  
    A   No. If you have a local doctor you should see them, even if we have seen you at urgent care in the past. If you are from out of town or do not have a local doctor, we can refer you to any number of wonderful primary care physicians in the area. (see list on this website)
  Q   Do you provide medical advice?  
    A   No. We encourage you to call your regular doctor for advice. We are happy to see your child but cannot offer advice without seeing your child first as a patient. We do offer links to online advise web pages (remember these offer only generic general advice and it is best that you call your doctor when in doubt and have your child seen)
  Q   How is PUC Staffed?  
    A   We always have a board-certified or board-eligible pediatrician, a pediatric nurse/MA, and receptionist. If needed, additional staff will be called in.  
  Q   How do you handle an emergency like a child not breathing or responding?  
    A   Children this ill are best handled in the emergency department of a children’s hospital. If a child this ill is in our urgent care we have the equipment and expertise to stabilize and maintain control of the airway until the ambulance arrives to transport to the appropriate local hospital.  
  Q   What are the benefits of PUC compared to other urgent cares or the emergency room?  
    A   1. You are guaranteed to see a pediatrician (someone with a minimum of 3 years extensive pediatric training after medical school)
2. Cost will be equal or less than that at any urgent care and ½ to ¼ that of an ER visit.
3. PUC is a very child-friendly office setting
4. Minimal waiting and efficient visits means you are in and out within 30 – 45 minutes for most visits from time of arrival to departure.
  Q   What insurance companies are you contracted with.  
    A   We take most insurances (even many not listed on this website). We cannot take most Kaiser insurances (they require you to go to a Kaiser facility). During the first few months of operation many of the Oregon Health Plans will not be eligible – we are in the process of rectifying this situation and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are in the process of getting contracts for each physician working in the Urgent Care.  
Q What is the relationship between Pediatric Urgent Care and Integrative Pediatrics LLC.?
    A   Dr Paul Thomas is the owner of each of these clinics. They share the same physical space, with Integrative Pediatrics in this space weekdays and Pediatric Urgent Care - nights, weekends and major holidays. These are otherwise separate clinics with completely different staff, missions and service to the community. Dr Thomas strongly discourages anyone who uses PUC and has a primary care doctor, from using Integrative Pediatrics by day or changing care to Integrative Pediatrics. PUC is forming partnerships with community pediatricians and family practice doctors and clinics so that PUC becomes the evening and weekend extension of your regular doctor’s office. During the early months of PUC, while we are credentialing the PUC physicians, billing statements will show Integrative Pediatrics. We share the EMR system and this may show Integrative Pediatrics across the top of each EMR page if our staff forget to change that header.  
  Q   What will a typical PUC visit cost?  
    A   For a promotional period of 3 – 6 months we will charge a regular office visit co-pay, after which the co-pay will be that of an urgent care. The rest of your visit will be billed to insurance. For those paying cash in full there is a 30% discount. See link on this site for the cash paid in full discount.  
  Q   Will my pediatrician know about this visit?  
    A   Yes. A complete copy of the visit will be faxed to your child’s doctor by morning and within 24 hours. In the more severe cases where follow-up is needed the next day or your child is being admitted to the hospital or if requested by your doctor, we will call your child’s doctor at the time of the visit.
  Q   Do I need a referral from my doctor to come to PUC?  
    A   No, as an urgent care, walk in clinic, referrals are not needed. There are a few insurances that restrict access to some types of clinics like our urgent care.
  Q   When should we go to ER instead of Pediatric Urgent Care?  
    A   Call 911 if your child is not breathing, not arousable, or having a seizure that won’t stop. Also go to the ER is you are advised to go there by your doctor or poison control.  
  Q   Can we get well-child check-ups and immunizations at PUC?  
    A   No. We strongly promote the concept of a medical home. All children deserve a pediatrician or family doctor who knows their child well and can oversee their total health and wellness needs. The well-child check is an important part of that ongoing relationship with your child’s primary doctor.  


We are located at
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1pm-5pm Saturdays and Some Holidays
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