Pediatric Urgent Care for your loved ones

Pediatric Urgent Care


Pediatric Urgent Care hours and services have been designed to complement your practice and be an extension of your practice. Our desire is to make the care your patients receive be cost-effective and pediatrician-based. This can provide you with an alternative to emergency rooms and adult urgent care centers when your office is closed.

Your patients can access Pediatric Urgent Care by:

  • Referral from your office
  • Triage form nurse advise lines or call centers
  • Walk-in
Follow-up and keeping you informed:
  • All follow-up will be with your office unless next day follow-up is essential and your office is closed that next day (e.g. child needs a follow-up dose of ceftriaxone for peri-orbital cellulitis or other serious infection)
  • You will be called at the time hospital admission is being considered for your input and direction.
  • You will be called if the severity of illness will warrant next-day follow-up.
  • If you refer a patient and want same day/night phone follow-up regardless of the severity, please let us know. We are happy to communicate by phone on every patient, but wish to protect your time off whenever possible.
We are listing all primary care physicians in the Metro Area on our website as a service to the community and to help patients find a primary care doctor either near home or that meets their needs in other ways. If you wish to be considered a partner, simply list Pediatric Urgent Care on your website and begin referring patients when appropriate. If you do not wish to be listed, or have updates or corrections to the information we have, please contact Lef at .


We are located at
11790 SW Barnes Road, Suite 140
Portland, OR 97225



6pm-9pm M-F

1pm-5pm Saturdays and Some Holidays
(Please see our list of closed holidays on the home page)