Pediatric Urgent Care for your loved ones


  • "Dr. Paul,
    After yesterdays visit to urgent care, I am moved to write you. Your space and the people within it were our beacon. Upon arriving, I felt the same comfort that one feels when they are home. That is rare and incomparable. That feeling was because of 5 plus years of incredible kindness and professionalism that has been bestowed upon us. I am forever grateful for you and your practice. I must express to you how fantastic your staff is. Noah is authentically gracious and benevolent, that this comes across the phone line as in person is outstanding. Cherly was comforting and compassionate in her care of our son. She regarded us with respect and consideration.

    I did not catch the name of the female nurse that checked us in, however she was equally wonderful. A seemingly simple referral to your practice has proved to be profoudly powerful for my family.

    Thank you Dr. Paul for everythign you do for us and our community. With gratitude, Aleka Kehagiaras
  • "I really like it. It gives me a better option for helping my children when they are ill, not when their regular doctors office is open." Betty Crow
  • "My son was miserable, and they got him right in. No waiting! It was really a blessing to not force him to suffer over night." Gerald Drake
  • "This is such a great idea! This is going to be our new 'Go To' place from now on. The nurse was really compassionate, and the doctor was very straight-forward. There were no hidden costs or procedures. Very fair place to go. Thank you for being there." Bridgette Carlson
  • "My neighbor told me about it. It was way better than I had expected. My children were comfortable there, and that is really important to me. They saw us quickly, prescribed the antibiotics that we needed, and gave us a very clear and precise explanation of how to complete the treatment. Everything is better now. It is about time someone did this!" Kyle Murke
  • "It sure was better than going to the emergency room. The office was amazing. Very kid friendly and it put my kids at ease during this difficult time. I brought in all three of my kids at once. And the doctor was extremely knowledgable and friendly, and was very attentive to my children's needs."  Steven Waters
  • "I came in last night with my 23-month-old daughter, who had dislocated her elbow at a Christmas party (nursemaid's elbow). I can't tell you how comforting it was to have the option of going to a pediatric urgent care, where I knew it would be a child-friendly setting and some familiar faces. We were in and out in under 30 minutes, with a stuffed animal to boot! Thank you, Dr. Thomas and staff, for creating this service. I am very grateful for your work and dedication to serving this community! "  Monique

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